OoriChat Live Demo


State of the art chatbot technology, with a custom fit.

AI opens up exciting new possibilities for chat bots. With everyone rushing to take advantage, how do you move quickest to market, building on your unique values?

Here’s how OoriChat looks on our website—tailor it in a million ways to make it fit yours:

The OoriChat platform offers key features such as:

  • Rapid customization—your own source material; brand voice; vetted information; fewer hallucinations
  • Combo of “experts”—multiple AI models with different specialities; better performance
  • Cost and privacy control—combine cloud vendor models (e.g. GPT-4) with on-premise; limit data leaks; control costs
  • Future-proofing—keep pace with daily developments—AI models & techniques
  • Transparent box—details & telemetry for AI interactions; confidence beyond the model’s cited sources
  • Proactive assistance—bots volunteer information when needed, not just waiting for a user request