Engineering for Intelligence.

We are a team of expert data engineers working in the fast-changing world of AI, especially in the form of Large Language Models (LLMs). Contact us now for a 30 minute introductory meeting.

A service sharing summaries of climate news, with associated calls to action

AI platform which summarizes climate-related news articles, while suggesting small, actionable tasks every few days.

State of the art chatbot technology, with a custom fit.

AI opens up exciting new possibilities for chat bots. With everyone rushing to take advantage, how do you move quickest to market, building on your unique values?

Rapid customization

Your own source material

Combination of “experts”

Multiple AI models with different specialities working in concert for better performance and efficiency.

Cost and privacy control

Combine cloud vendor models (e.g. GPT-4) with on-premise models to maximize data security and control costs.


An agile and highly configurable platform

Transparent box

Details & telemetry of AI interactions; for confidence beyond the model's cited sources.

Proactive assistance

OoriChat bots volunteer information when needed

Toolkit for interfacing with LLMs, including self-hosted models, but also full-service models such as GPT-4.

Many self-hosted AI large language models are now astonishingly good, even running on consumer-grade hardware, which provides an alternative for those who would rather not be sending all of their data out over the network to the likes of OpenAI’s GPT, Google’s Bard, or Microsoft’s Bing.

Use your own LLM

Use and experiment with LLMs through state-of-the-art tools for self-hosting such models.

Connect to a full-service LLM

Rapidly build front ends to ChatGPT

Python support

Integrate OgbujiPT into your Python projects

LLM patterns

Apply common LLM patterns including retrieval augmented generation